Clean-Sanitize-Disinfect: What is the difference?

Updated: May 1

This week’s blog post is going to be a little unusual. This week we are going to REVOLUTIONIZE the way you think about cleaning! When most people think of cleaning they think…get rid of the dirt and make it look good. In some cases that simple definition could be right. But real professional cleaning is something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! Professional cleaning is based on understanding and application of 3 powerful words that sound similar but make a HUGE DIFFERENCE in the outcome: (1) Clean

(2) Sanitize

(3) Disinfect Cleaning is defined as removing soil and disposing of it. Sanitize means to reduce microorganisms from inanimate environments to levels considered safe as determined by public health rules or regulations.

Disinfect refers to solutions used on hard inanimate surfaces to kill or inactivate at least 99.9% of disease producing microorganisms. How does this apply to you?

When you hire a service to care for your home or office, it is paramount that they know the difference between these fundamental industry basics, and have a concrete system for how they put them into place. You do not want to hire a service assuming that they are disinfecting your home only to find out they have only “cleaned.” In this COVID-19 world SANITIZATION and DISINFECTION IS THE NEW STANDARD. No longer will simple cleaning suffice. We have always cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected the homes and offices for which we care. That process is not new to us as it is an integral part of our multi-step process.

As a cherished current client or future client we hope that this new perspective on cleaning will help you feel confident in trusting us with your home or office. Contact us at (336) 355-3809 or by email at for more information on how we can help you!


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